Generation Six

-If you make it to generation 6 and are almost done/doing well with the skill challenges, then just keep going. But if you are missing one or something, you may now take in a new person, and you may choose the class. So, if you really need the writing skill but can’t seem to get it because you don’t have a priest, take a priest. Again, they can’t count for freeing a skill, but they can be chosen as a mentor for a newborn!
-Generation 7 is the same, if you need it, and you may keep taking one new person per generation until you free all the skills.
-Use the rolling in generation 4


Preparing to Leave

– Now that your sims know how to do almost everything, it’s time to prepare to go! They need to get ready for a journey to leave the church that has become their home and try to find civilization.
– Here is some things they need:
……Vehicles with enough space to take everyone. Two, at least. I would suggest buying a truck and minivan. Harder alternative to this one if you have pets: Horses. The cars are out of gas and horses are the only way to go. One horse for every two sims is required.
…..Food! Lots of it. I would say at least three group meals per person should be made.
…..At least 5 Athletic for every teen, adult, young adult, and elder sim.
…..On that note, the total number of teens, adults, young adults and elders must be higher then the total number of children and toddlers.
…..At least 200,000 simoleons. Having not played the challenge, I don’t know if this is way too high or way too low. . . but I figure it’s a good amount to cover the guns and protection and crap they would buy.
…..At least one sim with a cooking skill of seven or higher.
…..At least one sim with a maxed handiness skill.
…..At least one sim with a logic skill of seven or higher.
…..At least one sim with a fishing skill of seven or higher.
…..At least one sim with an inventing skill of seven or higher. (Ignore if you don’t have ambitions)
…..Each sim must be atleast friends with every other sim in the household.
…..If you have seasons:
……….Leaving in the spring or summer, each sim must be ‘immune to heat’
……….Leaving in the fall or winter, each sim must be ‘immune to cold’
-A sim may count for more than one of the requirements. For example, one sim that has both a maxed handiness skill and an inventing skill of seven is fine.
-I feel like I should have more requirements, but honestly, I can’t think of any, so that’s it!

Congratulations! You have escaped and found other civilization! Perhaps they can help you survive better.