The Set-Up

Okay, so now you have your characters, and you understand skills, right? I hope so!

So you can now make your sims. They are completely up to you, but remember what their class is! (Giving a cook a handy trait, for example, would be completely useless.) Make one family with the five people, but they are not to have any relationships with each other. If you wish, you may have one couple, but they may not have any children yet. Two may be teenagers, if you wish, but the rest must be young adults or adults.

Time to move them in. First you must build a church. You may use money cheats to build it. However, keep in mind, this is a church, not a house! Also remember that the more it is worth, the more bills you will have to pay. . . and money is going to be pretty hard. You may have two floors, or a basement if you wish, but it cannot be decorated like a house. You do not have to have the sanctuary set up with chairs or anything like that, though—I’m sure under the circumstances that those would be moved.

I would recommend a sanctuary (the place services are held) which will likely just start as a big empty room, but could easily become a multi-person bedroom later, a foyer (the area by the entrance) which may include a small library and a couple couches. Also, a coffee machine is a good choice. Then there can be some offices. There should also be a kitchen somewhere, and probably about two or three bathrooms. There can be a nursery, and a dining room where potlucks and such were held.

Basically, make a church. If you’ve never been in one, just ask for help or do the above c:

Don’t put in:

Beds (sleep on the couches or floor until you get some!)
Shower/bath (wash hands and put up with the moodlet until you get one!)
TVs or game systems

You may have a computer, but limit its use. Writing is alright, and so are playing computer games, but all other internet stuff is pretty much forbidden. Internet is down, after all!

Also, the above items may be purchased later, just not started in the church.

If you want to make it harder, make it a smaller church. No nursery, no couches, that sort of thing. You could even take away part of their kitchen—make them cook with the microwave or something. Depends on how hard you want it to be.

Once you have satisfactorily made your church to the difficulty level you would like, move in your sims, using cheats if you need to. Then reduce the funds of the family to 500 simoleons using the family funds cheat. And you are ready to go!

Wait, one more thing. You need to disable the school in your town. Just click on it and select ‘No Visitors allowed’. If you want, you can do this with all of the community lots. Either that, or just don’t ever send your people to them. The school is the one that happens automatically, so that’s why it must be closed down!

Now, you are ready to go.


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