A couple things: One, this challenge has not been tested. At all. I am going to play it, but I wanted to post it first. So if something is too hard, (or more likely) too easy, tell me and I can edit it. Two, I only have the base game, world adventures, ambitions, pets, and seasons—so those are the only ones I feel comfortable writing rules for. If you have other expansion packs, make your own rules for them. If you feel confident enough with them, give them to me and I will post them. Feel free to ask questions, even if I don’t have the appropriate expansion pack, just be prepared to explain a bit about the game feature you are asking about.

Alright, so this challenge is a bit complicated, so I am going to separate it into a few different posts to keep it a bit more organized.

And, here we go!

Choas. The world has turned to absolute chaos. Zombies and monsters have come up out of seemingly nowhere, and have taken most of the world with it. This morning you found yourself running from your home, chased by who knows what. You stumble on the ground and start crawling instead of running, for you can hear the sounds at your back. You figure that for sure you are dead now—but in your surprise you are still living as you reach a wall. You turn around and look behind—the monsters are staring at you from what seems to be the lot line, making angry noises as if they can’t pass. Which leaves you wondering, where the heck are you?

Your back to the wall now, you inch away, staring at the angry monsters. It doesn’t take you long to get to the corner, the monsters following you on the other side of the line, as if it was a mirror. You reach a door before too long. Someone from inside opens it. Immediately you sink back, fearing the worst. However, only a worried human face greets you. “Come in, come in,” It says. “You are safe here.”

“Here? Where is here?” You ask, still confused about why the monsters wouldn’t follow you on to this lot.

“You don’t know where you are? This is a church, child. The zombies and monsters cannot touch this sacred ground.”


This challenge is multi-generational, set in a church. The church is the only safe place. Leaving the lot gives a chance of death or other bad things occurring. The ultimate goal is to escape the area, but it’ll take you a while.

This challenge has quite a bit going on, to be honest—each character has specific abilities, traits, and skills they can learn. Every few days you’ll pick a random number to determine an event that will happen, which could be good or bad. You will also have to roll for each new baby born, and for every time that a sim leaves the church lot.


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