Generation Two

Basic rules.
– Gen. 2 works by each child choosing a ‘mentor’. This does not have to be their parent, it can be anyone in the household. By the time they are in their teens, they must be at least good friends with their mentor.
– The way this works is pretty simple. They can get half of their mentors skills, rounded up, plus any bonuses they got from the child roll.

For example,
The new child rolled regular, and you have chosen the priest as his mentor. The priest has 8 writing, 2 cooking, and 3 logic. Your new child can get 4 writing, 1 cooking, and 2 logic. These numbers can increase if the priests do, until the child becomes a young adult, then it is looked in place.

– Makes sense? Hope so!
– If their mentor dies, then they may choose another. However, they must stop learning the skills from their first mentor immediately (Wherever they are becomes their new limit) and switch over to the new ones.
– The must have one main mentor. This is the person whose abilities they will inherit. You can choose who you want that to be out of the mentor (s) they have had.
– So yes, your second generation solider can end up with some cooking skill. That sort of thing.
– Now, the generation has the same basic scenarios as the first generation, quite simply because I can’t think of any more. However, it is slightly more dangerous, for the frequency of some of them are being changed. This is the new list. For the directions to each one, look up in the first example section.
– It switches to these rolls as soon as the oldest child becomes a young adult.
-As for penalties for going over the skill limit, it’s pretty simple. Use the rules for the skills, but where it says “level six” replace it with the first level that is above what you are allowed to have. Then just continue with the pattern.

Basic Scenarios
1-9 – Nothing happens. Roll again in two days.
10-15 – Mild sickness.
16-20 – Moderate sickness.
21-23 – Severe sickness.
24-29 – Item Breaking
30-31 – Death
32 – Divine revelation
33-35 – New person
36-40 – Food
41-44 – Broken generator
45-50 – Found money

Leave Lot
1-10 – Nothing happens.
11-12 – Information
13-19 – Battle
20-21 – Death
22-23 – New Person
24-25 – Fail

1-24. Regular.
25-27. Smart.
28-30. Slower.
31. Sporty.
32. Creative.
33. Natural Cook.
34. Handy.
35. Outdoorsman.


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