Generation Four

-Now they’ve got the living thing down, things are starting to improve!
-Children’s skills are figured out different for this generation! Thankfully, am I right?
-Pick two mentors this time. Add together their skills, and those are the max for the child.
-You now have a goal! It is to get to ten with each of the following skills: Writing, Cooking, Logic, Handiness, Athletics, Gardening, Fishing, Inventing, Painting.
– Once level 10 has been reached (legally, the max must be level 10 as well as the skill level the sim is at) in generation 4 or onward, the skill is ‘freed’ and can be learned by anyone, all the way up to max.
– As for the special abilities, each of the child may inherit both of their mentor’s character class. So they can be a handy hunter or something.
-Each sim can only free [i]one[/i] skill. So you will need nine sims to do this. Possibly more, because it might take you a generation just to get the max skills higher.
-If you get a new person, they do not count towards the freeing of a skill. However, they can be a mentor.
-Athletic skill is special. Now that everyone can gain it, everyone can get bonus to help survive combat situations. If your character is supposed to die in a combat situation, and they have 1-3 athletic, pick between 1-2, 1 they are safe. If they have 4-6, pick between 1-3, 1 and 2 are both safe. If they have 7-9, pick between 1-4, 1-3 are safe. If it is maxed at 10, between 1-5, 1-4 are safe.
-Repeat this for as many generations as you need until you get all the skills freed, and then jump down to ‘preparing to leave’.

Basic Scenarios
1-7 – Nothing happens. Roll again in two days.
8-15 – Mild sickness.
16-23 – Moderate sickness.
24-28 – Severe sickness.
29-33 – Item Breaking
34-37 – Death
38 – Divine revelation
39-40 – New person
41-43 – Food
44-47 – Broken generator
48-50 – Found money

Leave Lot
1-9 – Nothing happens.
10 – Information
11-20 – Battle
21-22 – Death
23 – New Person
24-25 – Fail

1-24. Regular.
25-27. Smart.
28-30. Slower.
31. Sporty.
32. Creative.
33. Natural Cook.
34. Handy.
35. Outdoorsman.


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