General Rules

– Set lifespan to whatever you want, but you must leave it that way for the whole challenge!
– Same goes with Seasons, set it to whatever, but leave it there!
– No getting a job, part time, full time, self-employed. Nothing.
– You can make money by selling art pieces (look above!) and also fish and produce you don’t need. Since fish and produce are much more in demand then art, you don’t need to throw out any when selling.
– Every time you leave the lot for any reason you must roll for something under the ‘leaving the lot’ category.
– You cannot buy a meal from the fridge. You must have all the ingredients to make it. You can, however, buy ingredients from the grocery store. That is fine. However, remember that you must roll for leaving the lot!
– Every time you want to buy a new object, you must leave the lot to go to a store. To be honest, I would just head to the bookstore or grocery store for everything. After the character has gone, you can then go into buy mode to buy the object you want, simulating them bringing it back. Imagine that they are driving a truck—you can only bring back what would fit in it. Only one bed at a time, that sort of thing. If you want two, you must go twice, and roll for leaving twice!
– Selling things is the same, you must leave the lot.
– No deleting the stir crazy moodlet. Either deal with it, or take the chance of them leaving.
– If it says that a sim dies, either kill them however you choose, or just kick them out of the house. They can’t ever come back as a playable character, though, because they aren’t alive anymore for all intents and purposes. If you leave them alive, you may not ever talk to them again. So, they can stay your friend until the friendship drops too much. You might want to end any romantic relationship before you kick them out if that is what you choose.
– Also, in relation to the above, if you are telling a story, feel free to mess with how they died to make your story interesting. I don’t really care if the roll says they got sick and died that way, you can kill them however it is interesting to you and your story!
– No meeting sims outside of the household. None.
– No service sims.
– No accepting opportunities.
– Put your sims on a list in an order, it’ll make it easier when you have to roll for a random sim!
– You may not make pets in CAS, however, you may adopt strays and wild horses if you want to. Watch what you sell from their hunting, though. . . it goes the same as the sims paintings. Can only sell one out of four.
– the only way you lose is if all your sims die. Cross your fingers that doesn’t happen.
– Whenever you gain a new character, either add them to the family in a way that you don’t get money from it, or delete the money with the familyfunds cheat.


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